Bank Of America Online

The Bank of America Online Banking service is from the largest holding bank in the United States by assets and the second largest by market capitalization. This bank provides services in 150 different countries around the world and has a financial relationship with 99% of the US fortune 500 companies.

With the vast resources this financial institution has, they have one of the most secure networks in the business for their clients to use. This is one of the reasons this bank’s online service is so well respected and trusted. This service is advertised as free, easy and secure.

The online service allows access to customers for the easiest and fastest way to review current and past transaction from any account they may have with Bank of America. The present and past 12 months of statements are available 24/7.

If there is a need to transfer money between your different Bank of America accounts, this can be done instantly. There is also online bill paying with this online service. Any size payment can be made to anyone or any company in the world.

The online services allow customers to manage their money in one convenient site that is guaranteed to be safe. This is all a part of the online banking guarantee of customers to be $0 liable for any unauthorized transactions from any of the online services.

For security there are two award winning internet banking features available to all customers. These are the SafePass and SiteKey.

When needing bank rates it is possible to get the latest rates available form this great bank. When it comes to internet banking there is no safer or convenient service to use than the Bank of America Online service.

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